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Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo

permanent eyeliner tattoo atlanta

Define your Eyes

Are you tired of eyeliner that won’t stay put? Do you have trouble creating the perfect liner? Lash enhancement is the perfect solution to make your daily routine easier and give that POP to your eyes 24/7. Face Forward Permanent Cosmetics offers Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo services to the Atlanta Area. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Permanent Eyeliner Pricing

Permanent Lash Enhancement

Top and Bottom

$375 Initial Treatment

$150 Touchup

Top Only

$275 Initial Treatment

$125 Touchup

Bottom Only

$225 Initial Treatment

$100 Touchup

* Lash Enhancement means that we are tattooing only the area where the lashes are growing from. A Lash Enhancement will make your lash line appear fuller and thicker. It is a subtle and beautiful way to add dimension and make your eyes pop!

Permanent Eyeliner

Top and Bottom

$450 Initial Treatment

$175 Touchup

Top Only

$450 Initial Treatment

$175 Touchup

* Eyeliner always includes the lash line but also anything tattooed outside of the lash growth area. This could mean a smoky effect, winged/wedged edges or an even more dramatic stardust shading effect. How much drama added is tailored to your specific eye shape and style preference. 

Please Note


  • All pricing is subject to change.

  • All procedures are completed in  two sessions spaced 6 weeks apart. The initial touchup is required. If you can not return for your initial touch up, you should not book an appointment until you can complete both sessions.

  • Additional sessions may be required as all skin varies. Additional sessions are the client’s responsibility.

  • All subsequent touchups are recommended every 2-3 years unless advised sooner due to prolonged sun exposure or use of bleaching agents on skin.

  • Touchups completed 1-3 years after initial session will be at the current touchup price.

  • Touchups performed 4 plus years after initial procedure will be charged the full price at the time of procedure.

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