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Face Forward is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. We know that putting a needle to your face can be a scary decision.

Your comfort is of the utmost importance. 

AW Collection

Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent Eyebrow

Permanent Eyeliner

Get your Confidence Back

Correct the color, size and shape of the nipple.

Give the gift of Beauty!

Ditch the brow powder and wake up with makeup! Give someone the gift of beautiful eyebrows, lips & eyes! 



Jessica is so awesome! I recently went to Face Forward to have my eyebrows done, and I was very impressed with Jessica's skill and knowledge on the tattooing process. She was very pleasant to speak to and had some awesome stories, which is important when you have someone jabbing your face with a painful instrument.

(Trust me -- It definitely helped the time go by faster!)

She even gave me some inspiration to redesign my fireplace at home when I learned that she had done the awesome stenciling in her suite herself! If you are nervous about the process of having your eyebrows done, go see Jessica!

—  Nicole G.


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